Hello, My Name is Yinnette.

I'm a UX unicorn.

I am a user experience designer with 15 years of design experience. I am a
multi-faceted designer and am able to lead UX initiatives on small to large
scale projects, as well as execute beautiful and engaging interface designs.


Roles & Responsibilities

A Look at The Everyday Life of...

Product Research & Discovery
User Experience Design
Information Architecture
User Interface Design
User Interface & Interaction Engineering

As a skillful User Experience consultant with a solid understanding of development,

I am an asset to any development team because I focus most of my research effort on developing targeted solutions for 3 key aspects of any typical application. These are, firstly, understanding the business needs. How am I able to leverage the business requirements to increase revenue and provide results to my employer? Secondly, how am I in turn able to mold these business needs into an experience that will solve the users’ needs and provide them with an enriched experience. Lastly, what are the capabilities of our development team and how are we able to best leverage the knowledge, experience and resources so that we can deliver an efficient and streamlined application.

Jack of All Trades...

As a hybrid, I have a deep understanding of UI behavioral development, interaction design, responsive and the importance of the user experience.


Product Discovery

I know that understanding the product is the first step in developing the best user experience. Using the right combination of structured UX activities and interviews, I can create a balanced list of business and user requirements that help guide the wireframe process.


Information Architecture

I believe that the information architecture of a project is the foundation upon which any solutions is built. The architecture designates how the project will be structured as well as how the user will navigate the solution. I use activities such as card sorting and task priority to group areas and information in a way that makes sense to users producing efficient and user-friendly results.


User Experience Design

User Experience Design, also known as the “Human Experience,” is based on the careful consideration of the user's needs, expectations, attitudes, preferences, biases, and curiosities. For my projects, I require a balance of generative user research, persona development, user story mapping, and information architecture.


User Interface & Interaction Design

In order to make an awesome product, there must be the successful marriage of architecture, digital behaviors and visual design. How it looks, how it behaves and how does it make me feel. Having an eye for design, being familiar with design methodologies, such as Material, and knowing the latest trends help me not only produce a user-friendly application, but visually attractive as well... with cool animations.


User Interface Engineering

What makes me unique is that fact that I can build what I design. I am proficient in HTML, CSS and JQuery. I use CSS preprocessors(Sass/LESS), html frameworks(Bootstrap/Foundation) and pattern libraries(Material/Pattern Lab) on all of my projects. I am currently learning React JS and Angular. My goal is to eventually fill the role of a Front-End Developer, so that I have more to offer as a Full-Stack Designer and become a more valuable employee.


UX Consulting

As a consultant it is my job to understand my clients wants and needs. Selecting the right streamlined combination of UX activities and processes, allow me to provide my client with the necessary information and deliverables needed to make informed decisions on the direction and development of their product. Knowing what they want vs seeing what they need can have a huge impact on the scalability of any project, cutting costs and minimizing future iterations.

TechData Employee Portal

Case Study

Tech Data envisioned a new, more modern corporate intranet that enables employees to quickly find content and collaborate to support business needs while improving engagement and productivity.


The User's pain-points included confusing interface, lack of ownership and zero employee engagment. In addition, the consensus was that outdated content and irrelevant information lead to the lack of use.


Created an interface that stresses the importance of a controlled, centralized, global platform that promotes collaboration, usage through current and targeted content, accessibility across multiple devices. A simplistic interface and navigation, and place for employees to quickly find relevant information.

User Experience Designers and Their Understanding of Development

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